Here’s where the strength of our duo shines most. Being ourselves happily married, we know the meaning and importance of this very special day, from it’s biggest moments to it’s smallest details. It is also why we offer simple all-inclusive packages. 

OUR TWO PACKAGES INCLUDE TAXES (yes all our prices include taxes), TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS (of course both of us, 2 real pros!!), ALL OUR TRIPS (within a large radius of 80 km from the studio, slight fees apply beyond but we can move anywhere in the world for you), A USB STICK (with all the best images retouched and put back in high and low resolution) and A PHOTO ALBUM (we are talking about a book here high-end 40-page built with your choice of images).

3000$ tx included
from the preparation of the bride and groom until the end of the cocktail (maximum of 8 hours)

$4000 taxes included
from bride/groom’s preparation to 11pm
(for up to 12 hours coverage)

You would like to add an engagement session to break the ice and have beautiful images to use for your big day, with pleasure, we offer you the session at a favorable price of $ 325 taxes included.

See our engagement section for more details.


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