Bearing a child, even though it can come with a great deal of discomfort and sacrifice, remains one of life’s most precious miracles and deserves to be captured. Not to mention how precious these images will be further down the road for the unborn child who, while present, didn’t get to see this part of his life.

The maternity session is ideally done around the 32nd to 35th week of pregnancy. The session lasts about 1 hour and can be done in the studio, at home or outside. We’ll send you afterwards a gallery of the photos so you can choose your 15 favorites on which we’ll do touch-ups and deliver back digitally in high and web resolution ready to use as you please. These memories are too precious and you would like more, no worries, the cost is $ 15 / additional photo chosen.

$375 taxes included/15 photos

Maternity + Newborn Package :
$750 taxes included/25 photos
Including both sessions as described


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